HOA Property Maintenance: Benefits of Caring for Communal Areas

HOA Property Maintenance: Benefits of Caring for Communal Areas

A quality communal area may increase property value and provide benefits to the HOA community as a whole. When it comes to HOA property maintenance, taking care of communal spaces creates a more enjoyable environment for everyone.

According to recent data, approximately 27 percent of Americans live in an HOA community.

Read on to learn how the right HOA property maintenance can ensure that your communal areas in the Colorado Springs, CO area continue to provide a wonderful place for residents to gather.

What are Communal Areas?

Communal areas, or community amenities, offer a place where people who live in an HOA community can get together, participate in activities, and more. Some examples of communal areas include parks, tennis courts, gyms, and community swimming pools.

Even things like shared elevators and sidewalks can be considered a communal area. This is especially true when they are part of an HOA community rather than an individual neighborhood. Part of resident's HOA fees should be going to the upkeep and maintenance of these areas.

HOA Property Maintenance Duties

Taking good care of these communal areas provides a better place for residents and also helps owners retain property value. Regularly cleaning common spaces should be the first part of an HOA property maintenance plan.

This includes trash removal, removing weeds, and generally ensuring that all communal areas look neat and tidy. Landscaping is also a part of crucial HOA property maintenance. From trimming trees and hedges to cutting the grass in common areas, this simple step keeps the entire community looking uniform and well-kept.

Regular Upkeep

Not all HOA communities will have the same communal amenities, but upkeep is crucial regardless of what you offer. For example, regularly cleaning the swimming pool or re-painting the tennis courts is important for "working" communal spaces.

If you have a gym or playground, you'd need to ensure that all of the equipment is in good, safe working condition. If your community has an indoor meeting area or gathering space, these places should also be inspected and well-maintained.

Benefits of Communal Property Maintenance

There are several positive benefits to maintaining your HOA community's shared spaces. First and foremost, proper upkeep ensures that every space is safe for your residents and their guests.

Next, a well-kept HOA community maintains and often improves property values. This means each owner should be able to sell their home at a fair price or at least keep their property's value where it should be.

A beautiful communal area creates a pleasant place for residents to enjoy. It also fosters a positive sense of community and encourages everyone to meet and get to know each other better.

Keep Your HOA Community Maintained

Regular, quality HOA property maintenance of communal areas is good for everyone. From cleaning and landscaping to equipment maintenance, it's the key to creating a positive environment for your residents.

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