Minimum Qualifications For Applicants

  1. Colorado Casa PMI is a dedicated fair housing advocate and will assist all persons without regard to race, color, creed, sex, religion, national origin, familial status, marital status, handicap, ancestry, source of income, immigration status, or any other protected class as defined by state and federal fair housing laws.
  2. Colorado Casa PMI is an agent for the owner and will respectfully work with tenant as a customer.
  3. We reserve the right to deny any applicants based on findings that may include but are not limited to, pending bankruptcies, judgements, unpaid utility balances, dishonest application information, being rude to our staff, etc.
  4. Must have verifiable income. We require 2.5 times income of the rental amount to Pre-Qualify or your application will not be ran.
  5. All occupants over the age of 18 must apply and pay the non-refundable $50.00 application fee. Their credit/job information may not count against the applicants, but we do verify background on all adult occupants.
  6. Applicants that have a credit score of 600 or higher must not have collections from previous residences or evictions. Credit scores for multiple applicants must average out to 600 per person to pay a normal deposit, usually equal to one month’s rent. (i.e: 1st applicant has a 650 credit score. 2nd applicant has a 550 credit score. (650+550)/2 = 600each – Qualified!) A lessor credit score will require a double or triple deposit.
  7. Current and previous landlord references unless you just sold your home, or you own your home.
  8. At no time will we approve tenants with the following felony convictions: Convictions related to methamphetamine production or distribution. Convictions which require the person to be registered as a sex offender. Convictions related to homicide or stalking. Felony convictions of any violent act within 5yrs. *All lessor offenses are handled on a case by case basis.
  9. All applications are subject to owner approval to include pets.
  10. All applications are only processed when the application is completely filled out. If you turn in an incomplete application, it will not be considered until all portions of the application are received and complete. i.e rental verification, paid for application, pet screening and paystubs.
  11. Applicants are not approved on a first-come, first serve basis. All applications received will be processed concurrently and the best-qualified candidate will be selected. If a competing applicant is selected but you still meet our qualifications, you may transfer your application to another one of our properties at no additional cost within 3 months.
  12. Upon application approval, the applicant will be required to pay a non-refundable holding fee equal to one month’s rent within 24 hours of notification of applicant approval. This money will be used toward the first month’s rent once lease is signed.